Modular Switches

A great lifestyle change!

High quality modular switches from Goldmedal, will add a tinge of style to your smart home. Designed according to your needs, the switches come in a wide range to choose from!

Switch Ranges

Goldmedal’s switch range includes products, cover plates and accessories that address functional needs along with the aesthetic demands of a variety of lifestyles.


Manufactured using international quality material and processes, Goldmedal offers simple mechanical switches, Touch, Feather Touch, Remote Controlled and even Presence-activated Automatic switches.

Nixon Modular Range

Classy and minimalistic, Nixon modular inserts project a sleek, elegant presence on your walls. All Nixon products are compatible with Curve cover plates, making the possibilities for form, finish and colours, simply endless.

Gzifa Mini Modular Range

Showcasing a sleek profile and introducing a host of innovative design and finishes, Gzifa promises to deliver everything the new generation wants. Gzifa not only presents a revolution in design, it also offers an array of choices in terms of finish and colours.